Hello and welcome! I’m Melanie, a work at home mom to a one year old, craftaholic, and aspiring gourmet chef (ha). This blog is kind of in flux currently, but I’m planning to mostly write about mom stuff (what that entails, I’m not sure, aside from stories about my wild child), food, and general crafts (with an emphasis on some cool crochet stuff). I might also talk a bit every once in a while about some topics that are near and dear to my heart, including mental health awareness and student loan debt–the main reason I’m starting this blog!

My family is the most important thing in my world, and pretty much my entire identity, so I will start by talking about them a little.

First, there’s Hubby. As is implied by his name, he is my husband. He’s my BFF, and always has some witticism to brighten my day. We’ve been together for almost six years, married for just about three.

Then, there’s our daughter, who will be referred to as AJ. She’s 19 months old, and the cutest kid to ever grace this planet. Seriously. She is stubborn, naughty, and downright hilarious. She is the light of our lives, which is a disgusting cliche but so true. You will hear a lot about her. Her interests include running around at Mach 5, screaming nonsense at the top of her lungs, and doing whatever she can to get Hubby and I to the point that we are willing to keep her as an only child, an endeavor that is bound to fail.

We also have three supporting characters in the story of our family. Trixie is an obese seven year old lab-pit mix. She is perhaps the dumbest dog that has ever graced this planet, but she is a great snuggler. Her hobbies include eating trash and copulating with our other dog’s face, which brings us to Reagan. She’s a VERY tall, very large two year old German Shepherd-lab mix. She’s the quiet comic of our home and one of AJ’s best friends. Her patience and willingness to take whatever you throw at her never ceases to amaze me, but she does have one enemy. Our antagonist, known (among other names which are not appropriate to publish here) as Chupacabra, Kitty, and occasionally Mika, the cat is the enemy of everyone in our home except Hubby. She attacks the dogs, bites the baby, and has an astounding talent for pooping whenever someone else is about to go in the bathroom for an extended stay (e.g. bath time).

Oops, I forgot that this is supposed to be about me. So, like I said, my family is #1 in my world, I craft, blah blah. I grew up in small-town Iowa (known in some circles as “Hell on Earth”), went to college and got an English degree, and got out and promptly followed Hubby to another small town in Iowa where I worked in customer service in a call center for three years before quitting to work from home to spend more time with AJ. My days now consist of cleaning, cooking, and experiencing debilitating mom guilt in all forms, something I’m trying to work on eliminating mainly by being a better mom in general. A huge focus of our lives right now is also eliminating some of that handy-dandy student loan debt, of which we have a mountain.

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